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    Curing and Drying Chamber

    Time:2017-07-31 09:39:53 Browse:152

    * SD-G automatic curing and drying chamber is an advanced product which is designed based on the foreign curing and drying technology. It can automatically finish the whole process of plate curing and drying, it is an ideal substitute of imported curing and drying chamber.

    * SD-G automatic curing and drying chamber consists of main chamber, heating chamber, main controller, system control cabinet. Within the main chamber and heating chamber, there is hot air circulating system, heating system, humidifying system, temperature and moisture control system and air supply and exhaust system.

    * It adopts imported temperature sensor from Japan, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, no moisture condensation, high precision,

    * The imported PLC and touch screen control, can achieve multi-program (10 pcs), multi-stage (20 stages) visible monitoring, with Chinese or English menu.

    * All components which will be wet inside the chamber are stainless steel, greatly decrease the danger of iron material,.

    * It adopts stereoscopic air arrangement method, with uniform temperature and moisture, ensure the perfect plate uniformity after curing and drying.

    * It adopts stainless steel circulating blower with special structure, frequency speed control, it can set different frequency in each stage of curing and drying.

    * It has the function of alarm for high temperature protection, air cut-off and water shortage protection, abnormal technology parameter, it can have multiple operating authorization, ensure equipment and operation safety.