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    Industrial Wastewater Treatment System

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    * Description:The slope tube sedimentation device is designed as per the shallow layer sedimentation principle by dispersing particles, besides making full use of all equipment’s advantages, it takes advantage of the domestic and overseas advanced technology of slope tube sedimentation. The slope tube sedimentation method is the typical process which will change the sedimentation pool’s structure to increase the suspended solids removal rate, which is shallow layer sedimentation principle. This slope tube sedimentation device will precipitate the solids and suspended solids in the wastewater, the wastewater will enter into the device through the upper water inlet after coagulation reaction. It will form into alum after coagulation in the tapered reactor, and precipitate into the sludge hopper to form into sludge (the sludge can be discharged continuously or at interval). The sludge will sink in the reactor, and the clean water will rise to the overflow tank and be discharged.

    * Equipment Function: The slope tube sedimentation device can be used as corollary equipment for water purification process, such as air floating method or biochemical method; and can be used for single stage wastewater treatment.

     For example:

    1. Electroplating effluent is mixed wastewater contains multiple metallic ion, the removal rate for Cr, Cu, Fe, Pb, Zn, Ni, etc. in the wastewater is over 90%. The general electroplating effluent can reach the emission standard after treatment. 

    2. It can reduce the turbidity of coal mine or beneficiation wastewater from 500~1500mg/l to 5mg/l

    3. The removal rate of printing & dyeing and bleaching & dyeing wastewater can be reached up to 70-90%; the COD removal rate can be 50-70%.

    4. It can remove the mass organic matter in the wastewater of tanning and food industry, the COD removal rate can be 50-80%, the impurity solids removal rate can be over 90%.

    5. The COD removal rate in the chemical wastewater can be 60~70%, the chroma removal rate can be 60~90%, the suspended solids will meet the discharging standard.